How can I help my child improve focus? How can I help my child manage their emotions? Can my child learn meditation? These are questions parents ask us as meditation instructors. As parents, we want to help our children as best as we can, but we don’t have all the answers.
Discover how meditation can help your child manage their emotions, focus better, and lessen everyday stress. We will introduce your child to a simple meditation which will help them to overcome challenges and become truly happy, self-confident and compassionate individuals.
A few comments our kids use to describe the meditation are “fun”, refreshing”, light.” They say “” they feel calmer, happier, more focused and less selfish.”” Parents have also said how much they enjoy being in the class.
Give them the tools they need to have a deeper understanding of themselves and enjoy a happy, and healthy life.
Join us! Our program is interactive and fun. Make new friends! Turn this time of isolation into an opportunity to strengthen your child’s well-being.

You can join with the Zoom link below

Sunday at 2 pm(CST)

*** For a safe and positive experience for all our guests we ask that you use the same name that you RSVP’d with (and your kid’s name) as well as keeping your camera turned on throughout the event.
Let’s truly connect!

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Kids Meditation