Hello lovely parents and guardians,

My name is Anna and I am an Inclusive Facilitator of the Arts. I am running some FREE Arts and Crafts Sessions (run on donations) for you and your lovely children/young people on Zoom.

I am running these Zoom sessions in an attempt to support parents/guardians of children and young people who would like some support with homeschooling in the arts side of things.

I am also open to running one to one sessions in addition to these group sessions if you feel like this would be beneficial for your child.

If you like what you experience in these sessions and you would like to support me as a self-employed practitioner you can do so by donating here: https://paypal.me/YoungatHeArtGB?locale.x=en_GB
However, there will be no expectation from me for you to do so.

I look forward to seeing you very soon!
(‘Big Kids’ who enjoy arts and crafts welcome too although the session will be designed for children and young people!)