Easter Basket Gift Ideas

Tons of Non-Candy Gifts for Kids for Easter Baskets!

Candy is the easy part. It’s the rest that leaves us thinking…what would be fun, maybe educational…and doesn’t contain 1000 pieces for ME to organize. We hear you. And we have some ideas!

Mad Libs!

Educational, funny AND when used it they get recycled so doesn’t permanently add to your toy inventory.

Draw your own comics supplies!

Draw your own Unicorns!

STEM Gift Ideas

Get Kids Outside!

Schools out and energy is HIGH. Some new outdoor toys and activities would be mutually beneficial 🙂

Board Games

These are a classic. Not only are they fun for family time…but excellent for kids to practice patience, winning, losing, taking turns and following rules!

Games Under $10

Pretend Play

Art Time!

What other small gift ideas do you have for your Easter baskets? We’d love to hear them in the comments below!