6 Healthy Routines to Improve Productivity

Have you been hearing all the great New Year’s resolutions out there and been thinking about some simple healthy routines to adopt in order to create a healthier and more productive lifestyle? So have we!  We’re thinking tangible, achievable and realistic. We did some homework and here are our favorite 6 healthy routines for a simplified, healthier and more productive lifestyle for parents. We would love to know your thoughts on these as well as your daily routines…please drop them in the comments!

Pray & Meditate Daily

Prayer, meditation, or a yoga class are all great ways to calm our worried minds and when we start the day with these we better prepare ourselves to have a productive day!  We are lucky to have so many great yoga studios in the Southern California! There are also lots of free classes, online resources and inexpensive apps to help guide meditation and yoga.  Stay tuned for our lists! 

6 Healthy Routines

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Proper Hydration is Important to Healthy Routines

The Mayo Clinic states that an average woman needs about 11.5 cups (2.7 liters) of fluids each day.  We can consume these fluids by drinking water, other drinks, and even food. Factors that affect how much water we need include how much we exercise, our environment, overall health, as well as pregnancy and/or breast-feeding.  Among the many health benefits to drinking enough water, the Mayo Clinic highlights that proper hydration “Gets rid of wastes through urination, perspiration and bowel movements; keeps your temperature normal; lubricates and cushions joints; and protects sensitive tissues.”  Read more here: MayoClinic.org

Start a Gratitude Journal 

Even in the darkest of days, we all have things for which we’re incredibly grateful.  The mind is notably powerful and journaling one little thing every morning can really put a positive spin on things as you start each new day.  Reserve a few minutes first thing in the morning and write down at least one thing for which you are grateful. We are loving Erin Condren’s gorgeous gratitude journals neatly keep all of our positive thoughts in one place.

Make Exercise Part of Your Healthy Routines

We’re all busy and yes, this can be especially challenging, but it’s a battle well worth choosing.  Start with simple ways to add a little more movement into your day, like park further away from the store or your destination to squeeze get more steps while doing your errands. For a proper workout there are loads of options…download an app that guides exercise right in the comfort of home, head down to the beach or up to the mountain and go for a walk/hike, or take a yoga class with a friend! Also to note, many gyms have affordable, quality childcare – not only is exercise great, but an hour away from the kids can really help on those long days! Check out our events page for local 5/10k runs and walks and more!

Make Your Bed…Every Single Morning

This may sound trivial, but just try it!  It’s so easy, why not? In our humble opinion this might be the easiest daily task to the tone for a positive and productive day.  What is there to loose? 

No Screen Time Until Morning Routine is Done

If you are like most people, chances are, there’s a cell phone resting on the nightstand every night.  And if you are like most people, immediately after you awake you pick up the phone to see what you missed while you were sleeping.  But it is important to get out of bed, complete the morning routine, and then check your phone. This minor swap in morning routine will help keep you on track and on time and lead to a more productive and healthy day! 

We hope these healthy routines tips have been useful! Please share your tips in the comments.  If you’ve made other healthy or productivity changes in the New Year, please share what you did and how it’s helping you!